Singapore Snippets

Discover the enchantment of East Coast Park in Singapore, where sunsets, beachside adventures, and a vibrant community weave together an unforgettable Sunday story.

An Evening at East Coast Park

If you want to enjoy Singapore as the locals do, a visit to East Coast Park is a must !!

” A Sunday evening in Singapore could be spent before the television or by reading a book, or even by witnessing a spectacular sunset that the island often presents thanks to the humongous clouds that grace its sky.

However, we inhale the cool wind outside our window and put on a harness for our dog.

“Let’s go to the beach?” The dog jumps around wildly and paws the door as if the world is ending.

That’s how we land at East Coast Park, one of Singapore’s most popular haunts. It’s not our first time but we are excited nevertheless.

With a total land size of 185 hectares, East Coast Park lays claim to a coastline that stretches 15 km. More than seven million people visit the park every year.

The dog runs towards patches of light green grass and hundreds of bougainvillea flowers that create neat lanes for walkers and cyclists in the park.

A sea of people on this side competes with the swelling, moving sea with many ships on the other. The sky rests — lazy and blue — over an expanse of green ripples that slap against the shore.

Children wet their feet while their parents open food baskets on picnic mats. A young girl shouts as her father throws up their colorful kite high in the air. She perhaps wishes for it to race with an airplane that flies across the sky.


One could walk or run up the beach, or hire a cycle from one of the shops that also rent out four-seater family bikes. The smell of roasting meat and corn tickles the dog’s nostrils as he pricks up his ears at pop songs exploding from speakers nearby.

A man dances with his partner while the rest get busy finding disposable plates and bottles. We run a little on the beach and give up when the dog begins to bite his leash. He leads us towards a walkway that juts into the sea.

Hundreds of people mill around here, some with fishing poles in their hands. The sun casts a golden glow upon the waters of the South China sea as flocks of parrots screech on casuarina trees. The dog spots a squirrel running up a Ketapang (Sea Almond tree) and goes berserk. We pull him towards a small exercise park where a few men stretch themselves.

The sky changes color, from dark blue to rich purple, as we watch life around us buzz like a happy festival. Farther on the horizon, hundreds of ships sit on waters that reflect the orange glow of their lights. A crescent moon appears. The wind pushes massive grey clouds towards the beach, like the spoilsport of the party.

The dog has found a friend, a small poodle. He snaps at her after a while. We have walked several kilometers and he is tired. No one wants to leave this beach so full of happy people, but leave we must to come back another Sunday. . . “

Things to do at East Coast Park

  • Skating & Barbecue

If you are into skating, showcase your skills at the Xtreme SkatePark that can accommodate a beginner as well as a pro. Choose your ramp wisely to avoid injuries, or hire an instructor & Dine with your family or friends while enjoying a perfect sea view. Book a barbecue pit beforehand.

  • Play Tower & Photography

Singapore’s tallest outdoor play area with a four-storey vertical net play space and slides stands 16 meters high. The slide on the fourth floor is the tallest outdoor slide in the country. A grand view of East Coast Park awaits all those who make it to the top of the Play Tower. There is also a climbing net and obstacle course for children aged five to 12 & Catch a sunrise or sunset, look for some very raucous parrots or beautiful doves, and capture all their colors for ever and ever

  • Nature Play Garden & Sand Castles

Visit the Nature Playgarden with teepees and trails. It’s ideal for children who love to explore & There is an outdoor classroom here for pre-schoolers too & Go to the sand play area in section E of the park to enjoy a castle-building session.

  • Water Play & Food 

Have fun at the water play area made of many wading pools. The water is shallow with fountains and water jets & There are several options for foodies, mainly a food court with a diverse range of cuisine. You will find a cafe and fast food joint too.